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  1. Demos from the last 3 days:
  2. бк? Добре. Давай на български
  3. Well do you want to record a demo every time when I play? I bought VIP because I play only with AWP and there is limitation of using it. I play fair and I can proove it. From now on I will record a demo every time when I play in your server.
  4. 1. Кристиян! 2. 30 3. Кристиян Ромео Стоянов 4. 5. 6. София, Болгария 7. 8. No 9. Yes. Being administrator more than 5 years in different public Bulgarian Counter-Strike 1.3, 1,5, 1.6 and CS:GO servers. 10. Around 2 hours in the working days /Montay to Friday/ at the interval between 19:00 h. and 23:00 h. and more on Holidays /Saturday and Sunday/. 11. 20:00 h. - 00:00 h. 12. I know the game very well. Playing it from more than 18 years. I like your server and I have enough free time and desire to play. I play in the server every day from two years. Regular players know me. I can contribute to the fair play on the server and the enjoyable experience of the other players. I also like the Russian language and the Russian people. I am currently studying Russian and still learning to speak it. I enjoy playing with you. Тhank you for your time and attention. Спасибо за ваше время и внимание. 13. I'm familiar with the rules very well.
  5. 1. Кристиян! 2. STEAM_1:0:167521644 3. 4. 5. I play in your server every day from two years /ЗАРЕГИСТРИРОВАН 22 марта, 2016/. Regular players know me. I play that game from more than 18 years. I have VIP status in the server. I can upload many screenshots if it's necessary. Wallhack? At all playing with hack with Steam, risking getting VAC ban? It's not serious! Sorry, but i'm from Bulgaria and I can't speak Russian. My Steam profile:
  6. Can i make a payment using PayPal?
  7. Webmoney requires to scan my passport accordint to russian laws. I don't have a passport, only a personal ID card
  8. Hello. I'm from Bulgaria and i can't buy VIP status with my bank cards. The payment system accepts only cards issued in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan. Can anyone help me?
  9. 1. Christian 2. STEAM_1:0:620451686 3. 4. 5. Sorry, but i'm from Bulgaria and i can't speak Russian. I dont understand why i got banned. I'm playing from more that one month. I bought a VIP. I like the server and i don't use any cheats! I play every day and regular players know me and can say that i don't use hacks. Please unban me. Thanks in addvance.
  10. Can you help me to buy VIP by VISA?