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  1. Ok Sorry if no need active admin i'am fine whit that
  2. Yes i can speeck in russian language , but read or writh i cant i just use google translate bro
  3. Can u say in english language ?
  4. 1. Nick in the game: Mukas^2. Age: 303. Real name: Thomas4. Link to profile Steam: Dont know how but i have a steam5. A link to your showgirl GameME (stats.go-meat.ru): http://stats.go-meat.ru/playerinfo/8347256. City: Klaipeda - Lithuania 7. VK / ICQ / Skype: Skype - LTGhost28. Even administer any server? - Yes9. I have experience in this matter? Yes10. How many hours a day you are willing to devote our server administration? From 3 hours or more. 11. What time usually play (Moscow) - from 13:00 to 20:00 12. Why do you want to become admin? Sometimes it is not enough available online admins on the server, because of this we have to suffer with cheaters, run from one team to another to ask for VOTEBAN'e. 13. You do read these rules? Familiar ✓