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  1. Sorry , but I know already 2 languages and I think it's enough Also , I think the ban is from you Ms , and you need to provide some proof for your ban , like a demo or recording
  2. Here I show the kills in that round , I strongly believe one of them was the admin who banned me , also now I see I made 5 kills(Rampage) that round and got banned for "Inaction on attack" or in russian " Бездействие при атаке"
  3. 1. Your nickname : Kiwi 2. Your STEAM_ID : STEAM_1:1:151128119 also my steam profile : 3. Link to your ban / mut (to do this, enter your STEAM_ID in the "Find ban" field, or "find mut", press search and attach the link here) : 4. Link to your gameME stats : 5. Why should you be unbanned? (write in detail) : When I was counter-terrorist , I got banned in a round when i was 1 v 3 and the bomb was planted on A site , at the time bomb was planted I was lower , and i tried to go long , when i reached double doors(or Box) i got flashed by a terrorist and i was expecting to get rushed after that flashed , after 3 seconds i peeked long and killed every terrorist from long and bomb exploded , after that i got banned , I believe I killed the admin or something and he "rage" banned me. I would like to mention in another rounds i succeded to defuse the bomb , ussually I try my best to go for the objective and i think it's unfair to get banned when i'm in a clutch scenario like in that round I was banned , when is a 1 v 3 , 1 v 5 etc , this is unfair.